Skip The Cake

Skip The Cake

With all that is going on in the world right now, the class of 2020 has unfortunately gotten the short end of the stick. But there is still a need to celebrate all that these graduates have accomplished, and Gus Dean’s Ice Cream is here to help. Skip the cake and celebrate with the love of ice cream instead.

Gus Dean’s started their business in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada with a goal to be fully immersed in the community. They were inspired to create a flavor that represents a massive part of the city – the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. So, they did just that by introducing Rebel Red, a premium strawberry ice cream with cookie pieces and almonds mixed in.

As a way to honor those graduates who may have missed out on their ceremonies and other festivities, Gus Dean’s is offering all graduates a free ice cream during the month of July. All you have to do is show your diploma or proof of graduation to redeem.

How to get cheeky with it. Four words. Ice Cream Sundae Board.

Charcuterie boards and brunch boards are all the rage but what better way to spruce up your graduation party than with an ice cream sundae board?

Step one: Pick up your favorite ice flavors from Gus Dean’s. The more options the better.

Step two: Start with an empty tray or wooden board. Use bowls for the various flavors of ice cream and scatter them across the board.

Step three: Satisfy your sweet tooth with all of the best toppings. The sky’s the limit. A variety is always best to satisfy all of your guests’ preferences. Think fruits, caramel or chocolate sauce, sprinkles, nuts, candies or whipped cream. But really, this is your opportunity to be as creative as possible.

Step four: Dig in!

Not only is this great to celebrate graduates, but can be used for other parties and get-togethers.