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Simply put, Gus Dean’s Ice Cream produces the best premium ice cream in Las Vegas. Using only fine ingredients, Gus Dean’s variety of flavors range from classic chocolate and vanilla to their signature Rebel Red with strawberry ice cream, almond, and cookies.

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Unlike other ice cream products, Gus Dean’s Ice Cream is made with butter, sugar and nonfat milk powder, resulting in a clean, perfectly creamy texture that ice cream lovers crave in their sweet treat. The team at Gus Dean’s Ice Cream is constantly working on new flavor favorites and combinations to roll out.

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With Pride

Gus Dean’s Ice Cream has a state-of-the-art production facility located in Las Vegas. This allows for the freshest ice cream possible to be delivered to each retail location around the valley. Customers can taste the difference and have come to expect the freshness, fantastic flavor profiles, and creamy, rich texture that Gus Dean’s Ice Cream provides. There really is no comparison to other brands.

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